Liam Neeson Used to Be A Schoolteacher Until He Punched A Kid

 Liam Neeson has been knocking bitches out since Day 1.

A Reddit user unearthed this interview of Neeson from a few years ago, in which he admitted that he was fired for punching a 15-year-old student during his days in teacher training. But there was a good reason. The kid was holding a knife .

Sometimes there is a discipline problem, so [the issue is] getting them to settle down before you start teaching them, you know? And this particular kid just didn’t want to settle down, and he wanted to disrupt the whole class, you know? So I went over to him and asked him to leave the classroom and stand outside, and the next thing I know, he pulled a knife on me. And my immediate reaction was to punch him, which I shouldn’t have done. But I felt threatened, so I punched him.

I don’t know if this kid is still alive or not, but if John Wick would have been in teacher there’s a probably a 175% chance he wouldn’t be. If he is, then he would have a glass eye and maybe table leg for an arm.


Obviously Liam Neeson took two Xanax and smoked a bowl right before this interview:


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