The Khaleesi’s Body Double On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Looks Like This

Full disclosure: I’ve never watched Game Of Thrones until I finished S1 last night, because my girlfriend is a big fan, so she forced me. Full disclosure again: I’m obsessed.  Jon Snow is my homey and I wish Prince Joffrey gets pulled apart by horses then set on fire then fed to one of those wolf things then the wolf takes a shit and we bury the shit in a swamp. I know, pretend that sentence is from 2010. Anyway, Mike let all of know that a Emilia Clarke body double exists and this is what she looks like. Her name is Holly mac. She’s 18. She looks like Megan Fox and Emilia Clarke banged in a place where it was all female then Jeff Goldblum said “life finds a way” during the delivery. I would type more buy my penis is writing her a letter on black construction paper.

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