Kendall Jenner Is Getting Breast Implants For Justin Bieber

So, yeah. Kendall Jenner wants to get breast implants to impress Justin Bieber. Even though I only like one noun in that last sentence, I’ll allow it.

“There is no doubt among any of Kendall’s friends that this is all about impressing Justin,” a source exclusively revealed to OK “He’s so superficial when it comes to women’s bodies and Kendall’s worried she’s not busty enough for his tastes.” She says she’s only considering going “up a couple of breast sizes” and insists “she’ll keep it classy.” “She knows Justin loves big butts too, but for now she’s focused on one thing at a time and she’s starting with her boobs.”

Fake tits and a flat ass are a little 80s, but if Kendall Jenner wants to get a bigger rack because she thinks that’ll keep a dude interested, then who are we to judge? Because, well, she’ll have bigger tits. And bigger tits on Kendall Jenner is something I think we can all agree on despite the fact that some of you probably think Dunkin Donuts is better than Krispy Kreme. What happened to you as a child for you to feel this way? What choices did you make for your life to end up like this? Let’s talk about it. My door is always open for you.


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