Here’s One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson With A Pile Of Weed



The Daily Mail wants you to believe that this is pretty shocking, but these pictures of One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson rolling up some weed in a London Soho hotel room with five chicks (more pics at the source), seems like a normal weeknight for a 23-year old member of a internationally popular boy band with an endless supply of money and pussy. This is basically like a normal dude watching Netflix and preparing for his fantasy draft. Also, everybody you know smokes weed or has smoked weed or will smoke weed. This might as well be a snapchat of Tomlinson putting together IKEA furniture. I’m just glad that I’m not 23 and in a boy band right now. Because the snapchat would include at least one dead groupie with a monkey on her shoulder. And the monkey would have shades on. Because a monkey with shades on is something I’d like to talk to if I was high.

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