Iggy Azalea Got Breast Implants Four Months Ago

Iggy Azalea is still doing interviews instead of going away. This makes me sad. Anyway, if you noticed her boobs got bigger four months ago, you should consider a career in knowing when celebrities get breast implants.

Iggy Azalea doesn’t like to keep things hidden. The 24-year-old rapper tells Vogue in the magazine’s April Shape issue that she recently had breast enhancement surgery — something she had wanted for a long time. “Four months ago, I got bigger boobs! I’d thought about it my entire life,” she says, explaining that she was tired of having to pad her stage costumes and wanted to be able to wear lingerie without wiring. When debating whether or not to come out with the news, she says, “I decided I wasn’t into secret-keeping.” As far as dressing her body, the star reveals she has to pay close attention to proportion. “I have to have everything tailored, because I have such a small waist,” she explains. “I’m a 2 or a 0 on the top, and a 6 on the bottom.”

She should have spent that money on freestyle augmentations or a social media person or a tanning membership, but at least her rack is bigger? I guess that’s something. Good job, Iggy.

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