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PLOT TWIST!  (Via Baller Alert & ONTD)

By now you’ve heard the rumors that Chris Brown is allegedly the father of a 9 month old girl after engaging in an affair with a 31 year old former model named Nia. Various reports are saying different things but there are a few things we can clarify.


– First things first, Nia is definitely a former model. She’s from Houston, TX and part of the Rap-A-Lot family. We have a photo of J Prince Jr holding her daughter below. 


Is Chris Brown the father? That, we don’t know yet. What we do know is that Nia has been telling friends that he is, despite the fact that another man has been raising her daughter


– The man that thought he was the father moderates an Instagram page for the child. Prior to all of this coming out, the loving father would post photos of he and their daughter napping, at doctor’s visits, etc. Pretty obvious he’s an active father. Once the news broke he took to social media to pour his heart out.


 – Finally, the photo TMZ used (above) is NOT of Nia and her daughter. It’s of Nia’s older daughter and her 9 month old, she alleges is Chris’. 

Wait, you mean to tell me that a woman would let another man think he’s the father then tell everybody else that a dude with more money is the father? Get outta here. In this day and age? I can understand because J Prince Jr. probably makes 70 cents on the dollar and Chris Brown makes a whole dollar. How long must men suffer from the crushing boot of the matriarchy? They make you think you’re their friend then talk shit about you in front of their friends but still expect that $3B check to clear, and you can’t say anything negative because their friends and Fox News will call you anti-semitic.



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