Bless Anna Kendrick’s Heart

In the upcoming issue of Edit Magazine, Anna Kendrick dresses up like a ballerina and talks about stuff. This is some of the stuff.

Kendrick, too, plans on staying the course and says she’s not scared of growing old in Hollywood. ‘I know that things will be more complicated as an older actress, in ways that I can’t anticipate, but I would really enjoy getting to the point where the reason I’m getting roles or not isn’t based on if somebody thinks I’m hot enough,’ she said. The actress, who played Jessica in The Twilight Saga, is an avid tweeter and revealed to The Edit that she agonizes over the wording of her tweets. She regularly writes multiple drafts of what she wants to say before posting it on her Twitter account. ‘I love seeing what people respond to and think is funny; it’s kind of a puzzle. Trying to express yourself in 140 characters can be this little word game,’ she explained.

It’s  fucked up, that at 29, actresses have to stare their own Hollywood mortality in the face, but did Anna Kendrick just say “the reason I’m getting roles or not isn’t based on if somebody thinks I’m hot enough”? We all caught that, right? Because I don’t think that’s ever been the problem, so she has nothing to worry about. As long as a high school theater production needs a lead or a mouse seamtress  in the 2025 Cinderella reboot, Kendrick is always gonna have a place while she’s taking Twitter way too fucking seriously.

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