Angelina Jolie Might Direct ‘Captain Marvel’

Look, I run all comic book stuff through The Superficial, because he’s the expert on comic books and how to order a burrito properly. So when I sent him the link to this, his immediate reaction was, “Oh Jesus”.  That being said, Angelina Jolie might direct Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel, centering on super-heroine Carol Danvers, is set to become the First Female-centric film from the comic studio, so it makes sense that execs want a woman behind the camera too: Angelina Jolie! An insider reveals that bosses at Disney-owned Marvel were so impressed with Unbroken that they’re offering Angie $20 million for the gig. “Having a female director is a priority for them,” explains the source, adding that Angie is thrilled by the offer. “She never thought she’d be in such huge demand as a director, and to be courted by Marvel after the Sony fiasco is a huge pat on the back.”

Look, it’s obvious we need more women comic book movies. Mostly because there’s a lot of kick ass women characters and women need to be represented. But on a personal note, we need to see women in comic book costumes, because they translate. Google image search  “Captain America comic book” then look at Chris Evans as Captain America. He looks like he went to Party City on the way to set. Oooh hey look, it’s Shrek with Mark Ruffalo’s CGI face on it. Awesome! How exciting! I honestly feel like this could truly happen in real life and doesn’t take me out of the movie at all!

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