Iggy Azalea Won “Favorite Hip-Hop Artist” At The People’s Choice Awards

Proving once again that people are stupid, Iggy Azalea won Favorite Hip-Hop Artist at the 2014 People’s Choice Awards. That’s pretty weird, because if I was going to describe this chick, I’d never use the words “favorite” or “hip-hop”. Or “artist”. I understand a NAACP place was bombed and a cartoonist was killed because the people who killed him thought he was offensive (killing another human because religion apparently isn’t offensive tho), but if a white girl from Australia with an Atlanta accent is your favorite hip-hop artist, I hope she goes to a Mike Tyson fight in Vegas with Suge Knight at some point soon. Then you know, gets shot multiple times. She can be a hologram on Girls or something next season.

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