Blake Lively’s Lawyers Don’t Want You To Know She’s Inspired By Slaveowners


 Yesterday, the Internet went ape shit after Blake Lively‘s Martha Stewart-Goop blog Preserve told everybody that the hot look fashion for fall is a plantation owner wife or the mistress of cotton mill owner who made his fortune off the backs of free labor so his lineage could have generational wealth and opportunities afforded them while complaining racism doesn’t exist anymore because black people have their own television network and go to college now and donating money to political parties who vow to keep their money where it belongs: out of the hands of their workers. Check out this sassy look!

Georgia peaches, sweet tea, and the enticement of a smooth twang…we all love a bit of southern charm. These regional mainstays evoke an unparalleled warmth and authenticity in style and tradition. The term “Southern Belle” came to fruition during the Antebellum period, acknowledging women with an inherent social distinction[—being white—]who set the standards for style and appearance. These women epitomized Southern hospitality with a cultivation of beauty and grace, but even more with a captivating and magnetic sensibility. While at times depicted as coy, these belles of the ball, in actuality could command [the hundreds of human beings that they owned, and also] attention with the ease of a hummingbird relishing a pastoral bloom. Like the debutantes of yesteryear, the authenticity and allure still ring true today.  Hoop skirts are replaced by flared and pleated A-lines; oversized straw toppers are transformed into wide-brimmed floppy hats and wool fedoras. The prowess of artful layering— the southern way —lies in inadvertent combinations. From menswear-inspired overcoats to the fluidity of soft flowing separates, wrap yourself up in tactile layers that elicit a true sense of seasonal lure. Embrace the season and the magic  below the Mason-Dixon with styles as theatric as a Dixie drawl.

The post doesn’t say if you get a free human that you get to subjugate and use as your personal property or not, and to be honest, that kinda takes the fun out of it. Slavery was fun! And everybody was really stylish and rich, because you can be when you don’t have to worry about paying your workforce! Imagine how much more stuff Wal-Mart could buy from China if they didn’t have to pay for stupid crap like fair wages and health insurance or operate without pesky government interference? We could have Wal-Marts on the moon by now! I don’t know why people get so sensitive and PC about it now. People like Blake’s lawyers. They wrote Gawker a strongly worded letter claiming they painted her in a “false light” in a “deliberately, unprotected, and actionably false attack”.  Man, that sounds a lot like slavery. 

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