Amanda Bynes Believes There’s A Microchip In Her Brain



Good news: Amanda Bynes isn’t a basic bitch. Bad news: She’s insane.

The new issue of In Touch Weekly gives a glimpse inside the troubled life of Amanda Bynes following her latest DUI arrest, with details of the concerning behavior Amanda displayed on Oct. 5 in NYC — her day spent with an In Touch reporter. The most disconcerting of her erratic behavior was when Amanda told In Touch’s reporter she believes she has a microchip in her head. “I want a dollar a day from every person who [is] reading my mind,” she told the reporter.

Women complain about a lot of stuff, mostly because they’re all sadistic control freaks with an innate fear that they won’t be able to plan every detail of their lives no matter how mundane. So it’s good to see a chick who has let that all go, because she has a microchip implanted in her brain who is now her master. But she’s a regular chick in the sense that she still wants to profit from it somehow.

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