Alyssa Milano Put A Breastfeeding Pic On Instagram

Alyssa Milano Breastfeeding


As humans, we are all collectively okay with seeing other people follow dogs around so they pick up their shit then put in a plastic bag, but if we see a woman with her tit out feeding her baby, we freak the fuck out. I’m not saying I really want to see either, but let’s all just chill on the topic of breastfeeding. It’s not gross, it’s natural. And as long as you don’t keep the titty in the kid’s mouth until it can solve simple mathematical equations, then shut the hell up about it. If you want to complain about something, complain about the fact that when women have kids, they assume that 10 months of chocolate pork rind cravings and elastic pants is enough for a medical degree. Women think they know everything anyway, but when they push another human being out of their vagina, it becomes some next level shit that makes them believe autism can be prevented by mixing pedialyte and coffe creamer or whatever. Anyway, Alyssa Milano posted a pic on Instagram of her breastfeeding her kid with a weird, borderline creepy quote. If this was 1996, I’d be kinda jealous of this kid, but Alyssa Milan is 41 now.