The Clinic Where Joan Rivers Died Is Getting Death Threats

Jon Rivers


Being homosexual and an angry female comic is not a choice, calling in death threats because your icon dies is.

The clinic where Joan Rivers was undergoing a throat procedure last week is under fire, because fans are blaming the staff for her death … and are making it clear they’re out for blood. Sources connected to the Yorkville Endoscopy clinic in NYC tell us death threats have been coming in droves since Joan was rushed to the hospital last week. Some of the threats have included — “If Joan dies, so will you,” … and … “I hope you people die, you killed an icon.” We’re told the clinic has been shutting down early on some days to send employees home — and additional security’s been hired.

Jesus, people. Relax. Stop being so PC all the time. This clinic clearly doesn’t care who it kills or if you get offended. They’re brash and gritty and  trailblazers. They killed her as a joke, lighten up.

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