Jennifer Lawrence Will Send You Naked Pics From Work

Jennifer Lawrence


I appreciate Jennifer Lawrence‘s commitment to her craft. Her craft of sending nude pics at work.

It’s hard to believe that Jennifer Lawrence, 24, is being punished once again by the hacker behind the facetiously-titled “The Fappening Part 2″ after a spate of new photos were released of the actress allegedly in a number of compromising positions. One of said photos allegedly has Jen in her X-Men makeup as Mystique, and many fans have wondered whether Jennifer’s future with the franchise has been compromised. “Jennifer’s role in future X-Men films will not be affected at all over the photo leak,” a source close to the franchise has revealed to EXCLUSIVELY. “People close to the film are aware things like this happen and it shouldn’t do anything to her role because she never did it on purpose.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say she should be fired even though anybody ever involved with the X-Men should be fired, but I don’t think anybody would feel that sorry for you if you got fired after you sent a pic of your boobs to a dude from your desk with your office logo in the background. I think you’d probably get fired. I’m not an employment lawyer, so don’t quote me on that. But I think they’d have a pretty solid case. That’s why I don’t send pics of my penis from work. I really don’t want to get fired and because my penis is really small.  It’s kind of embarrassing.

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