Robin Williams Hanged Himself, Didn’t Leave A Note

Robin Williams


Unless you crash landed on Earth this morning or you’re Amish, you heard the tragic news last night that Robin Williams, star of your childhood and possibly the greatest Law & Order: SVU episode of all time, was found dead in his Tiburon, California home yesterday afternoon after a lifelong battle with severe depression and drug use. Here’s what we didn’t know. Yikes.

A dispatcher from the Marin County Fire said that Robin Williams’ death Monday was the result of an “apparent suicide attempt by hanging,” CBS News reports. He did not leave a note, and was in the home at the time he hanged himself, according to reports.

I was going to post this last night, but as it turns out, I don’t need SEO that badly to profit off someone’s death. Regardless of your feelings on Robin Williams (and the way he chose to find a permanent solution to his problems), depression and mental illness are real things that no external force can cure. Medicine, hotlines, and people with degrees can only keep your demons away for so long, until how you finally choose to deal with them. Sometimes that means taking your own life. Anybody saying this man is a coward or is going to hell, should really go pay a visit to Oz to see if they have any hearts left over, because you’re the very reason that this type of thing happens. Look, there’s an actual human standing next to you right now. Shake their hand, talk to them, tell them they are not alone. You may find that you aren’t either.

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