Miley Cyrus’ Homeless Dude Has Outstanding Warrants

Miley Cyrus


By now, we’ve all heard the heartwarming story about how Miley Cyrus was browsing H&M’s website and found a homeless guy to accompany her to the 2014 MTV VMAs, because she needed a different prop besides Robin Thicke and a sexually assaulted teddy bear to make people forget the last time she was there.  The dude gave an emotional speech about teen homelessness, but forgot to give a shout out to his probation officer.

Miley Cyrus introduced the world to Jesse Helt when he accepted her MTV VMA for Video of the Year on her behalf over the weekend, but now more information about the homeless youth is being revealed. E! News has learned that there is a warrant out for the arrest of the Salem, Ore., native for violation of probation, stemming from previous charges including criminal trespassing and criminal mischief. He was also charged with burglary after a 2010 incident where he attempted to break into an apartment. According to recent court documents, Helt violated his probation on numerous occasions after failing to take a drug test, failing to report to his probation officer, breaching his curfew, not finishing his community service hours and more.

The media has done a great job of painting Jesse Helt as a helpless youth down on his luck who was saved by Miley Cyrus, but please keep in mind, this is a violent criminal and drug addict with an extensive record who is on the run from the authorities. The only way to prevent further victims of this man’s criminal activity is to shoot him immediately. At least 11 times. Anything less than 11 wouldn’t be sufficient justice for those he has permanently damaged with his criminal mischief and burglary or what have you. Doesn’t matter. He has a criminal record. Ask yourself, do you feel safe with this man walking the streets? I mean, like he literally walks the streets because he’s homeless.

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