Miley Cyrus’ Not Really Homeless Friend Turned Himself In

Jesse Helt Mugshot


Jesse Helt, the not homeless guy who accepted Miley Cyrus’ award at last weekend’s MTV VMAs, was discovered to have ourstanding warrants in Oregon. He doesn’t anymore.

Jesse Helt, 22, who delivered an impassioned speech about surviving in shelters and being “an extra in your life” while accepting Cryus’ award at the star-studded show on Aug. 24, walked into Polk County Jail in Dallas, Oregon, with an attorney just before 8 p.m., and was released at around 8:50 p.m. after paying $2,500 bond on a $25,000 bail, a jail official told NBC News. Helt was wanted for violating the terms of his probation in Oregon. He was put on probation after serving a brief jail stint for a drug-related burglary attempt in 2010, and then failing to report to a probation officer, officials said.

Jesse Helt was homeless because he moved to LA to become a model, but didn’t want to bartend or wait tables like everybody else who lives in LA, so please remember how this all started. So I think he pretty much blew his chance, because in 2014, you can get a modeling contract solely based on your mugshot. Why can Polk County have a Bearcat, but not a camera with a higher pixelation?  Where is the passion? Where is the steely gaze? To be honest, he wasn’t bringing it.

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