Here’s Why Miley Cyrus Was Wearing #23


Sounding like a track they were too embarrassed to use on the Hustle & Flow soundtrack, here's Miley Cyrus and Wiz Khalifa with "23".  Long story short, it's terrible. Here's the lyrics:

I’m in the club high on Perc with some shades on
Tank up, mini skirt with some J’s on
I be in the club standing on the couch
In the wolf greys like it’s my house
(I’m home!)

Breakin’ out the bottle
I got no respect
Actin’ like a model who just got a check
I back it up
Because I don’t give a f—
If you’re lame that’s a shame
You can’t hang with us
I’m M.C. Hammer fly
You can’t touch


I'm stopping now out of respect for actual hip hop and the English language, but it's clear at this point that Miley Cyrus is a gangster and head of the Appropriation Cartel after successfully carrying out hits on Eminem and Jack White.

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