Kelly Brook Will Never Get A Boob Job

Say what you want about the weird stuff that England does (it's just a baby, you guys/soccer is still lame), but unlike America, the understand the actual definition of "curvy". I'm sorry America has taught you that if you have to order two drinks at McDonald's so they'll think all that food isn't for you makes you a "real woman" and "voluptuous". It doesn't. But since I'm here to help, here's Kelly Brook to help you understand. Nuts (via Celebslam) reports:

Kelly Brook would never have her E cup breasts surgically enhanced as she doesn't want to look ''fake''. ''I think it's really nice to be celebrated for who I am. It's not really about me being curvy, it's more about me being someone who understands what works for them and embraces that – and has managed to make a business out of that. I don't like the fake look, I'd never have anything like a boob job.''  The brunette beauty doesn't exercise ''religiously'' to maintain her curvy figure and enjoys whatever food she wants, although there are certain calorie-laden treats she would never indulge in. She added to Nuts magazine: ''I am quite confident but when I see myself I feel self-conscious, the same as anyone. But I'm lucky, I can eat what I want and I don't exercise religiously. I probably drink a bit more alcohol that I did – it's the only thing that gets you through the stress.

Please keep in mind, Kelly Brook has E cups. E. That's bigger than D. And she still looks better than you in a bikini. Did I mention she has E cups? I'm pretty sure if I saw her in person, my penis would explode and it would look like Disney fireworks.





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