Chris Brown Didn’t Assault The Woman At The Club

Chris Brown Assault


Yesterday a report came out that Chris Brown assaulted a woman in a club at Anaheim, but as Jodi Arias and Margaret Thatcher have proven, women are pure evil who will stop at nothing to get what they want. Even if it means murder. Or tearing their own knee ligaments. Hollywoodscoop reports

“The girl spent all night trying to get on stage with Chris but security kept her away. Then she spent all night trying to get near the VIP area,” the source tells us. Chris was escorted to his car at the end of the night by security who reported no incidents with Chris whatsoever. Then, after security had his eye on Chris the whole night and walked him out to his car, is when the drama with the falling fan unfolded. “Three witnesses sitting at a table in the VIP area saw this girl trip and fall on a table, hitting her back on a chair. Chris had already left the building,” the club source recalls. “[Security] came back upstairs and the girl was sitting on some stairs saying she couldn’t believe Chris pushed her down the stairs and that she broke her hip. [Security] said Chris was nowhere near those stairs at any point. She then threw her shoe at security and started picking things off the ground and throwing them. ”The source also tells us that the accuser is just “an obsessed, drunk girl.”

How long will this level of ratchedness be tolerated? As a male living in a America, I no longer feel same going to clubs. Should the government start profiling women who twerk? Should we ban women who wear shirts as dresses from congregating in cubs? I don't know. But we need to start having the dialogue, my friends.

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