Aaron Hernandez Was Denied Bail

Aaron Hernandez Arrested


In case you need further proof that New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez murdered Odin Lloyd execution style, he was denied bail today. TMZ reports:

NFL star and murder suspect Aaron Hernandez has just been denied bail … meaning he'll rot behind bars until his trial … and that could take forever. Hernandez was present in court today for a bail review hearing, where his lawyer begged the judge to release Hernandez from custody while he awaits trial. But the judge wasn't moved by his arguments — that Hernandez is an upstanding citizen and family man with no flight risk — claiming the prosecution already had very strong evidence that Hernandez had committed the crime.

We can say say he is an "upstanding citizen" and "family man with no flight risk", but let's remember that he has millions that a non-extradition country's economy would welcome. Also, he was probably denied bail over the little fact that HE'S A SUSPECT IN A 2012 DOUBLE MURDER NOW

There are reports that Hernandez is being investigated about a shooting incident from July 2012 — when two men were killed in a late-night drive-by in Boston. We reached out to the Suffolk County District Attorney … and a rep for the office would only confirm there is an "active investigation" into the case. When we pushed and asked if Hernandez was a person of interest … the rep had no comment. However, one source close to the situation tells us, "It's safe to assume he is now involved."

I think a good question for everybody right now is who hasn't Aaron Hernadez killed? Lawyers should make commercials about this dude like they do about mesothelioma and asbestos.

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