Farrah Abraham Tried To Find A Millionaire Online, Was Turned Down Twice



If you're still convinced that children who grow up in a Christian, two parent household become better than everyone else, please keep in mind that Farrah Abraham is a whore. Because whores have sex for money. But instead of stoning her like the good book says, Farrah's parents defend and justify her actions and try to pull the Bible card becaue their poor, poor daughter is being persectuted. But since Farrah Abraham is a special kind of whore, she tried to get money by pretending she would have sex. Like the time she contacted SeekingArrangement.com TWICE looking for a sugar daddy because he actual daddy taught her that she should be entitiled to everything she wants the minute she wants it. Is that what "blessed" means? Radar Online reports:

Brandon Wade, the Founder & CEO of SeekingArrangement.com said he was approached two different times by Farrah to get involved with his website, and he turned her down each time. “We could tell that Farrah wasn’t coming to us for the right reasons. She was just looking for a quick payoff, not a lasting mutually beneficial arrangement,” he said. SeekingArrangement.com is the leading “Sugar Daddy” dating website, and before releasing her XXX tape Farrah Superstar: Back Door Teen Mom  she reached out to them in July of 2012 to try and cut a deal. “There was a Sugar Daddy party in LA and Farrah wanted to come and then she told us she wanted us to pay her to join our website,” the site’s PR Manager Jennifer Gwynn told RadarOnline.com.“ She wanted to say that she wanted to find a sugar daddy and to have us pay her, but she didn’t really want to find one. “Farrah wanted money for nothing so we turned her down. Our website creates partnerships and Farrah is not someone who is actually going to benefit us.”

And in case you didn't like Brandon Wade enough already, he takes Farrah's narrative and shoves a pressure cooker bomb up its ass.

“It saddens me to think that Farrah believed her actions would lead to a path of empowerment and self esteem,” he said. “I think she will look back on this experience one day, and regret it. She had this incredible opportunity to be a role model; the front door was wide open. “But instead she chose the ‘back door’ to financial security, and she will soon come to realize that a lot of doors will be closed to her now because of it.”

The thing that makes no sense to me in this whole Farrah Abraham thing is why do a porn tape when you already were on a reality show? Kim Kardashian took one in the mouth to GET a reality show, not the other way around. You think Kim Kardashian would do a sex tape now? Even she has more self-esteem that that. Farrah just does shit bakwards. HAHAHA I JUST GOT THE NAME OF HER SEX TAPE LOL!!!


Note: If you haven't seen her first porn yet, you can watch it HERE (NSFW)

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