Jake Gyllenhaal Is Supposedly Banging The One On The Right

The last time we heard Jake Gyllenhaal was dating someone, it was 2011 and it was Taylor Swift. End Of Watch must not be doing that great on DVD, because now he’s dating, SI Swimsuit model (and other kinds of model, too), Emily DiDonato. Okay. Us Weekly reports:

A source tells Us that Gyllenhaal, 32, met the 22-year-old stunner in a spin class at a SoulCycle in Manhattan last fall. The actor and DiDonato (who was featured in Sports Illustrated’s 2013 swimsuit issue) have dated for “a month or two,” adds the insider. It’s no surprise the star found his sweetie at the chic studio, where he works out weekly whenever he’s in NYC. Says a source, “He’ll hop on the instructor bike. He loves the attention from the girls!”

Congrats, I guess, but to be honest, the most believable part of this story is that Jake Gyllenhaal takes a spin class.

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