Rihanna And Chris Brown Had A Lovely Valentine’s Day

Despite being up each others’ asses at the Grammy’s, it apparently only took less than a week for them to hate each other again. Like last Friday. When they went to the same club separately and ignored each other. Us Weekly reports:

The “Stay” singer, 24, and Brown, 23, were “not at all on speaking terms” at the hotspot once they settled in with their respective pals, an observer tells Us Weekly. “She refused to sit with or even near him,” the witness adds. “When she noticed he was there, she made a huge show of rubbing her presence in his face.” “Happy Valentines Day,” Rihanna tweeted to her 28 million followers earlier in the day. “Today the day fa lovin not hatin so to cats like you and I it’s just another day…”

Awesome. Rihanna provoked Chris Brown in public. That probably did a lot to ease the tension and not make him go home to make a wooden box to her exact specifications then Google “bury where nobody will find her”.

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