Katherine Webb Is On Show About Diving, Bitched About It

Because Brent Musberger couldn’t verbally contain his erection during the BCS National Championship Game, Katherine Webb is now famous. She leaked the news that she would be appearing in the new SI Swimsuit Issue despite being told to keep in quiet, and now she’s appearing on ABC’s debut season of their “celebrity” diving competition, Splash. But it wouldn’t be a Katherine Webb story without thinking she’s above it and leaking something else that nobody asked about.

“If I were to do any show it would have been Dancing With the Stars just because I love dancing,” Webb told Ryan Seacrest on his Tuesday radio show, according to E! News. “I don’t know the technicalities on that, but I know that I was on the list I think, but I had a secured spot for celebrity diving so I went ahead with diving.” Webb reportedly said the reality diving competition, which ABC picked up in early October and will premiere on Tuesday, March 19 at 8PM ET, was a unique opportunity she felt she needed to take advantage of at the time. “It’s something I never imagined myself doing and at the same time, you know, it’s such like out of the norm idea that people will have to watch it,” she told Seacrest.

See, guys? She really wanted to do Dancing With The Stars, and even though they reportedly asked her, she decided to do the diving thing instead. Makes sense. But whatever. Katherine Webb in a bikini with liquid splashing in her face? OK KATHERINE YOU WIN I’LL WATCH IT ARE YOU HAPPY NOW??!!

Source = Reality World

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