Christina Hendricks Is Leaked

At this point, all actresses should get an app on their phones that modifies behavior through the use of shock stimulus training whenever they have a few glasses of wine. Or just take the pics and post them online themselves. That being said CHRISTINA HENDRICKS ALLEGEDLY TOPLESS!! Happy Monday, everyone! TMZ reports:

Christina’s rep tells TMZ, the “Mad Men” star’s phone WAS indeed hacked recently … and multiple self-shots were stolen — including several showing a busty Hendricks barely dressed, without make-up, presumably at home. But the rep insists, the one topless picture — purportedly showing the actress’ bare ample bosom — is NOT Christina. It’s an impostor. Christina’s rep tells TMZ, she doesn’t know who hacked her phone — but the proper authorities have been notified and an investigation is underway.

THIS (NSFW) is the pic that Hendricks and her reps say isn’t her, but you can draw your own conclusions. Every other pic is her, but that one isn’t. Okay. I’m just more concerned why she’s taking topless pics of herself yet she’s been married for two years. Who is she sending these to? Her husband? If so, why isn’t she wearing sweatpants and a Biore nose strip? What more evidence do you need that Hendricks is a huge slut, people? Free birth control?

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