The Grammys Happened

The only good thing about this show was the Foo Fighters, but since they’re not pretty enough, here are some other skanks from The Grammys.

I’m not sure what Katy Perry was going for here. Patty and Selma’s bridesmaid dresses? I’m surprised they let her in considering she completely obscured the only reasons she was invited in the first place.

Nicki Minaj needs to shrink her ass and expand her eyes if she wants to be Red Riding Hood. She should probably also hang around some wolves.

A 70’s table runner over a discount store girdle. God Fergie, how do you stay so sexy all the time?

Julianne Hough won everything.

Weed isn’t that expensive. Pretty sure Rihanna could’ve afforded better weave and some voice lessons before performing “Proud Mary.”

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