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Heather Graham is always naked [Taxidriver Movie]
Ashton Kutcher‘s jump off had a nip slip [The Nip Slip]
Fuck Gisele Bundchen. If there’s a God, I think he has better shit to do. [The Superficial]
Blake Lively‘s legs are probably the length of my entire body [Popoholic]
Bruce Jenner thinks Kim Kardashian has a tough life [Celebitchy]
Sara Jessica Parker is, uh, different [The Blemish]
Charlotte Herbert shoots [Zoo Today]
Chrissy Bertrand is buxom [Coed Magazine]
Nicki Minaj is lower maintenance than you’d think [Cityrag]
Leslie Carter OD’ed. Surprise! [Dlisted]
Cameron Diaz is stunning in the most literal sense [I’m Not Obsessed]
Skyfall still. YES. [Moe Jackson]
Demi Moore wants to bang Zac Efron [Popbytes]
Rosie Jones topless [Egotastic]
Brad Pitt gives his kids soda for breakfast [Allie Is Wired]
Lana Del Rey‘s lips on other people [The Chive]
Blue Ivy Carter has six nannies [Popcrush]
Katy Perry may judge other people who can’t sing [Popcrush]
Coco keeps it classy [A Socialite’s Life]
Brandi Glanville states the obvious [Amy Grindhouse]
This is too cute for life. [Tabloid Prodigy]
Russell Brand is moving along [Huffington Post]
Kate Upton is full of innuendo [Hollywood Tuna]
Ricky Martin is on Glee [Celebuzz]
Paris Hilton looks weirder than usual [Celebslam]
Taylor Momsen still dressing like an early ’90s hooker [Evil Beet]

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