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I think what looks like a syphilitic chancre is actually red velvet deliciousness [Taxidriver Movie]
Vintage Sofia Vergara bikini footage [The Nip Slip]
Lindsay Lohan got sued [The Superficial]
Mark Wahlberg is a hero [Sherdog]
Adriana Lima is in a bikini [Popoholic]
Taylor Swift is an idiot [Celebitchy]
Pat Sajak confirms what we all knew [The Blemish]
Girls who know what Twitter is for [Zoo Today]
Helena Christensen is 43 and looks like this. brb, starving myself [Coed Magazine]
Gwen Stefani may be single soon [Cityrag]
Vanessa Hudgens acting like no one’s seen her naked [Dlisted]
Dita von Teese is still alive [I’m Not Obsessed]
Georgia Salpa dresses appropriately [Moe Jackson]
Kim Kardashian may be reading this [Popbytes]
Rihanna is see-through [Egotastic]
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will marry soon [Allie Is Wired]
This made me think I started drinking already [The Chive]
Oprah is Blue Ivy’s godmother [Popcrush]
Drake wants to act again [Popcrush]
Shit Liz Lemon says [A Socialite’s Life]
Lea Michele is trying too hard [Amy Grindhouse]
Jimmy Fallon is a feminist [Tabloid Prodigy]
Katy Perry coming out of hiding [Huffington Post]
Miranda Kerr in leather [Hollywood Tuna]
Demi Moore is still a cougar [Celebuzz]
Gisele Bundchen is rich as hell [Celebslam]
Jennifer Love Hewitt is a Photoshopped [Evil Beet]

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