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Miss America bikini cameltoes [Taxidriver Movie]
Kris Jenner cheated on Robert Kardashian in front of their kids [The Superficial]
Selena Gomez looks like she got some in her eyes [Popoholic]
Jay-Z rethinks his semantics [Celebitchy]
Bruce Jenner looks reanimated [The Blemish]
Arianny Celeste wears bikinis a lot [Zoo Today]
Gina Carano is in a movie soon [Coed Magazine]
I can’t even. This almost made me cry [Cityrag]
Lindsay Lohan may be a hooker according to a Marine [Dlisted]
Jessica Alba starring as Blanche Devereaux [I’m Not Obsessed]
Jonah Hill is a narcissist (he’s banging himself) [Moe Jackson]
Brian Williams slayed Lana Del Rey [Popbytes]
Kelly Brook modeling her own lingerie line. The stuff is actually really cute [Egotastic]
Kim Kardashian is being investigated [Allie Is Wired]
John Hunstman is bad at campaigning, good at making daughters [The Chive]
Adele is smoking again [Popcrush]
Lana Del Rey gets another shot to disappoint everyone [Popcrush]
Matt Bomer is the straight woman’s Amber Heard. [A Socialite’s Life]
Michelle Williams wants to be a sex symbol now [Amy Grindhouse]
Hell hath no fury [Tabloid Prodigy]
The sky’s blue [Huffington Post]
Kelly Brook in different lingerie [Hollywood Tuna]
Natural selection won’t allow Khloe Kardashian to breed [Celebuzz]
Betty White is old, adorable [Evil Beet]

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