The Situation Did Blow On The Air

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With shows like Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, and Skins, it’s unclear why MTV hasn’t been burned to the fucking ground yet, but in case you’re wondering what goes on when these shows are on while you have better things to do, take a look at the above screencaps of last Thursday’s episode. It’s just a reality “star” doing coke in a Miami club. No big deal.
Fork Party reports:

On last Thursday’s episode of Jersey Shore, Mike “The Situation” commits a robbery on Pauly D’s ex, but some keen Fork Party readers noticed that they also enjoy something off Situation’s gold crucifix chain…This isn’t the first time Situation or Jersey Shore has run into cocaine allegations. Last year rumours floated around of coke use in the house…. hard to believe in Miami and from such model citizens! MTV is oblivious to the cocaine allegations, but a few sources have been quoted to say that the cast of Jersey Shore are veterans at dodging MTV’s film crews when they want to. Radar Online knows the identity of the Jersey Shore cast member that is allegedly buying the drugs (in Miami it was incredibly easy to do), but they have not published it publicly. We have a feeling we know who it was buying all the coke for the Jersey Shore cast in Miami, but we’re not about to give that out as the situation is pretty obvious in the photos above. Whoops.

My neighbor Catherine forced me to watch Jersey Shore with her once, and besides looking like a cartoon propaganda poster against Italians, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is an unhinged lunatic who blows up and makes life miserable for everyone around him if people don’t do exactly what he wants them to do the minute he wants them to do it. Basically, he’s a pouting child on steroids with a fucked up haircut and low-self esteem that he tries to mask with tanner and Affliction shirts. Gee, I wonder what could make someone a paranoid sociopath who basically dry humps women then throws a tantrum when they push him off? Oh, I know. Lots and lots of blow.

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