Kendra Wilkinson Has A New Sex Tape. With A Woman.

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Since she convincingly played the victim card while simultaneously cutting a backroom deal with Vivid made her last sex tape such a success, Kendra Wilkinson is ready to try her luck again. With the release of another sex tape. With another woman

A new sex tape featuring Kendra with a girlfriend is on its way to being sold publicly, has learned exclusively. Less than a year after Kendra's home-made sex tape with an ex boyfriend became an instant $ucce$$, the ex-Girl Next Door is starring with another girl in a tape shot approximately the same time at the first one. "Kendra has sex in the video with Taryn Ryan," a source close to the situation told exclusively. "They were friends and were hanging out together, with their boyfriends. "It's a long tape, about 45 minutes. And there is nothing left to the imagination." Ironically, the tape was shot by Justin Frye, Kendra's ex boyfriend and partner in last year's sex tape. Justin shot hours of tapes of Kendra having sex and last year Vivid had a huge hit with the first release. Now the details are being worked out for the release of the new tape.


Whatever. I've already seen the last one. And her vagina looked like SWAT kicked it in to serve a warrant. I'd rather go back in time watch my leg being amputated in a Civil War field hospital than sit through 45 more minutes of a wigger having sex when she should be getting a hot oil treatment instead.


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