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The greatest post about Teen Mom you will ever read [The Superficial]
Pete on Smallville is facing 20 years. TWENTY YEARS. [Celebuzz]
Jessica Alba is hot [Popoholic]
Christina Aguilera is see through [DrunkenStepfather]
Sarah Jessica Parker thinks you wanted to see her naked [Celebslam]
Whitney Port in Maxim [Egotastic]
Lady Gaga leaked Twitter pics [TaxiDriver Movie]
Jimmy Neutron is a model [Cele|bitchy]
These two are so hot [Allie Is Wired]
Franchesca Del Carpio is like…damn. [COED Magazine]
Elizabeth Hurley checked out a long time ago [The Blemish]
I really thought there were six more in there [Amy Grindhouse]
Rare Jenna Jameson video found [Heyman Hustle]
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