Bar Refaeli In Lingerie, Links

Look, I’m not to one beg (except for that time your sister was on her period, but c’mon, man! It had been like a week. I know she said she had a OB/GYN appointment the next day, but did she have dentist appointment?! Help a nigga out.), but our Facebook fan page was closing in on 16K, then it was flagged by a mysterious and luminous presence and removed. So, if you really want to get me something for the holidays, please go like the page. Then tell your friends. Then your loved ones. You know, except your sister. What’s her deal, man?!

Katy Perry in a lot of latex [Celebuzz]
Mel Gibson really did slap his wife [Celebuzz]
Britney Spears is in an ice cream trance [The Superficial]
Candice Swanepoel in lingerie. That is all [Popoholic]
Tara Reid’s tits have no feeling whatsoever [TaxiDriver Movie]
Christina Aquilera has been…ummm…eating the pain away? [Celebslam]
Justin Bieber is the Anti-Christ [Cityrag]
Kourtney Kardashian is in Maxim India [The Blemish]
Justin Bieber is dead [Allie Is Wired]
Irina Shayk is hot [Egotastic!]
26 Most Beautiful MMA Ring Girls [COED Magazine]
Rihanna is the Kool-Aid Man [Cele|bitchy]
Kim Kardashian sings backup in Electric Mayhem. Or something. [FHM]
50 best pics of Alessandra Ambrosio [Heyman Hustle]
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