Hey Look, Another Stupid Outfit

In case you didn’t already know that the music industry should fall upon its sword and kill itself or that the MTV VMAs are the most irrelevant awards since a Best Handwriting Sticker, Lady Gaga won eight moon trophy things last night. And of course she looked like she was dressed by a gay dude in a monocle who’s been rolling for four days. I would never condone violence against gay people, but look at the banner picture. Now look at your fist. Shame on you!

Note: By the way, I was recently informed by a drunk chick at Brooklyn Heights that Lady Gaga will be in Raleigh on September 19. Here’s some of our conversation:

Drunk Chick
: “Fuck yeah, little monsters!”
Me: “So why do you like this bitch so much?”
Drunk Chick: “‘Cuz she don’t give a fuck! She don’t care what society says, she has no rules, she does what she wants and fuck the haters!”
Me: “What, you mean like child molesters?”
*Awkward pause*

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