Another Lindsay Links

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Kate Beckinsale is otherwordly hot [The Superficial]
Ashley Greene is wet [Popoholic]
Angelina Jolie doesn’t want terrorists to drown [Celebuzz]
Sienna Miller could use a razor [TaxiDriver Movie]
Rihanna is in a bikini, unattractive [Celebslam]
Lindsay Matway is…fuck. [COED Magazine]
The only way dogs will go near Lady Gaga [The Blemish]
Oh, Jessica Simpson is financially supporting her boyfriend. At least he can hunt for food. [Cele|bitchy]
Miley Cyrus make Jesus sad 🙁 [Allie Is Wired]
I see you, baby. Shakin’ that ass. [Cityrag]
Larissa Raquelme is naked in 3D [Egotastic]
Ali Sonoma has the world’s fakest boobs [Heyman Hustle]

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