Olivia Wilde In A Bikini Links

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Olivia Wilde in a bikini is disappointing [The Superficial]
Hilary Duff is bootylicious [Popoholic]
Beyonce’s nipple is on a boat [TaxiDriver Movie]
Charlize Theron. Goddamn. [Egotastic]
Lindsay is having an “out of rehab” party. Seriously. [Popeater]
Heidi Montag wants smaller implants [Celebslam]
NFL cheerleader cleavage [COED Magazine]
Katy Perry is a cocktease [The Blemish]
John Travolta has 102 hairpieces in a refrigerator [Cele|bitchy]
Miley Cyrus is single [Allie Is Wired]
Tania is an Amazon [Heyman Hustle]
Like it. Just the tip. [Facebook]
What’s up with that black guy? [Formspring]
No she won’t show you her tits. [Formspring]

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