Kim Kardashian Is Futile, Links

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Tiger Woods‘ main ho is in a bikini [The Superficial]
Kate Beckinsale is perfection [Popoholic]
Rachel Bilson Xtreme cameltoe [TaxiDriver Movie]
Coco’s ass will chat with you on [Egotastic]
Angelina Jolie continues to make Jennifer Aniston swallow a bottle of pills [Popeater]
If I worked here, I probably wouldn’t serve Kim Kardashian. Why? Oh, no reason *puts on gas mask and wet suit * [Celebslam]
5 times a girl will lie to you [COED Magazine]
Miss Phillipines is really smart [The Blemish]
Madonna‘s kid smokes weed [Cele|bitchy]
Jennifer Aniston has crawled back to John Mayer [Allie Is Wired]
I’d watch Jersey Shore if she was on it [Heyman Hustle]
Demi Moore is Miley Cyrus‘ grandmother [Fatback]
Let us rape your Twitter feed [Twitter]
Like it. Just the tip. [Facebook]
What’s up with that black guy? [Formspring]
No she won’t show you her tits. [Formspring]

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