Katy Perry Is Stingy, Links

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Lindsay is Britney Spears now. With much higher nipples. [The Superficial]
Hilary Duff is see through [Popoholic]
Britney Spears is hard. Not in the Lady Gaga sense of the word. [TaxiDriver Movie]
Carly Whitely is white and topless [Egotastic]
A terrorist was on Canadian Idol [Popeater]
Mel Gibson has 99 problems and bitches are all of them [Hollywood Interrupted]
Sara Jean Underwood needs a half Native America child [Celebslam]
Katy Perry needs to let them breathe already [The Blemish]
Erica Chevillar can teach me something [COED Magazine]
Lady Gaga is ironic [Cele|bitchy]
Karissa and Krista Shannon are bent over, naked [Fatback]
Paris Hilton‘s boyfriend is to blame [Allie Is Wired]
Jennifer Lopez passed out in a stolen picture from Facebook [Drunken Stepfather]
Let us rape your Twitter feed [Twitter]
Like it. Want it. [Facebook]

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