Candice Swanepoel Links

Lindsay has a new judge [The Superficial]
Rachel Bilson is single [Popoholic]
Jennifer Aniston slipped something [TaxiDriver Movie]
Paris Hilton has the world’s greatest pushup bra [Celebslam]
Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s brother is a dirty hippie [Popeater]
Rihanna got new ink [Just Jared]
200 pics of sideboob [COED Magazine]
I think Jessica Alba is in Arizona [The Blemish]
Teri Hatcher is busted [Cele|bitchy]
Sofia Vergara would look hot in lepers robes [Cityrag]
Lady Gaga might no longer be on MTV [Allie Is Wired]
Russian whores are the best [Heyman Hustle]
Babe of the Day [ActionTrip]
Let us rape your Twitter feed [Twitter]
Like it. Put a ring on it. [Facebook]
Ask Todd a question. But not about that paternity test. You slut! [Formspring]
Ask Molly about her big buttermilk biscuits. Mmm, tasty. [Formspring]

Physical perfection Candice Swanepoel launching the new Incredible Bra by Victoria’s Secret. In other news, I launched an incredible erection! How exciting!

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