Black Swan Links

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I’ve already masturbated to this twice [The Superficial]
One word: Feedbag [Popoholic]
Elizabeth Hurley upskirt [TaxiDriver Movie]
Hilary Duff‘s wedding and her husband’s enormous head [Popeater]
Nicole Kidman is way too rich [Celebslam]
Angelina Jolie is hot [Just Jared]
Celebrity beach butts [COED Magazine]
Lindsay will get $1M for her first interview [The Blemish]
Ben Affleck wants to bang Blake Lively [Cele|bitchy]
Belinda Carlisle topless [Cityrag]
Kat Von D is banging Jesse James [Allie Is Wired]
Holly Madison hates Kendra [Heyman Hustle]
Let us rape your Twitter feed [Twitter]
Like it. Put a ring on it. [Facebook]
Todd is not having sex with Molly [Formspring]
Molly is not having sex with Todd [Formspring]

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