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Please keep in mind that Sarah Silverman is supposed to be the “hot” comedian [The Superficial]
Lindsay Lohan. Boobs and an uzi. [Popoholic]
Joss Stone‘s panties [TaxiDriver Movie]
Katy Perry is a very talented artist. TITS! [Celebslam]
Halle Berry talks about getting dumped [Popeater]
Paris Hilton is being sued for $35M [The Blemish]
Adam Lambert is too damn cute [Just Jared]
101 Ridiculously hot redheads [COED Magazine]
Brad Pitt is secretly laughing about this. And masturbating. [Cele|bitchy]
Rihanna can’t spell [Allie Is Wired]
Nipple slips by the dozen [Cityrag]
Stacy Keibler rocks the booty shorts [Heyman Hustle]
Let us rape your Twitter feed [Twitter]
Like it. Put a ring on it. [Facebook]
Ask Todd a question. But not about that paternity test. You slut! [Formspring]
Ask Molly about her big buttermilk biscuits. Mmm, tasty. [Formspring]

Yeah, so on Formspring, a chick asked me if she could send me a picture of her boobs because she was 38DD. Since I am a gentleman who takes lady’s requests very seriously, I told her to feel free. Then some guy said she was fat. Then we found out she was Latina. The hard way.

Todd, I will send you the picture of my boobs for sure. And to the ASSHOLE who called me fat, Bitch you wish you had a chick who looked like me and could suck a dick the way I can suck one. I am 140 pounds 5’7 with a sweet pussy.

Then as promised, she sent them:

The first pic I sent you was taken with a professional camera by my friend who works for Latina Magazine. She took pics at the 4th of July BBQ we had at my sisters house and yes they are high quality. Here is a new one that I just took with my BB, I hope you like it.”

It turns out, the chick’s name is Evelyn. And she was right. She also says we are apparently dating now. What am I, a piece of meat?! Yes, yes I am.

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