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Our Facebook fanpage is back up again after being shot in the back by cowards. So if you were a fan of the old one, be a fan of the new one. The new one did cocaine in college and lives off the old one’s reputation. The new one is also trying to buy a Major League Baseball Team and to invest in oil. I think you’ll like him.

You should also follow us on Twitter. The stilted conversation between me and hot girls doesn’t get much more awkward. Or awesome! I could have screamed “I’ll show you tits! Follow me everybody!”, but let’s not pressure ourselves, shall we?

Kendra’s husband is cheating on her. Kinda. [The Superficial]
Scarlett Johansson = Christina Hendricks after Weight Watchers [Popoholic]
Kristin Cavallari has on really, really short shorts [TaxiDriver Movie]
Sexy Soccer Superfans of the South Africa 2010 [COED Magazine]
Brooke Burke is still getting it done [Celebslam]
Catrinel Menghia. Christ. [Heyman Hustle]
Jessica Alba. Also hot. [Egotastic]
LOLhans [Cityrag]
A gay dude ruined January Jones [Cele|bitchy]
That Russian spy was kinda hot [Fatback]

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