This Might Be Hayden Panettiere

Not so fast update: Yeah, so apparently this is Marisa Miller. I say this is Marisa Miller because other sites pointed this out almost a year ago. I hope this is enough to fully convince you that I should at no time be considered an investigative journalist, because I barely even know what..hey look, a squirrel!

Photographer Deborah Anderson released her second book of photography, Room 23, in February 2009. The book, according to Amazon, “depicts a year in the life of a private penthouse suite in a hotel in Beverly Hills, California. The year is 2008. The protagonists: Hollywood’s characters and elite.” and featured Sharon Stone, George Clooney, Sir Elton John, Minnie Driver, Dennis Hopper, Cindy Crawford and Larry King. It also included this picture of Hayden Panettiere. For some reason, the banner pic hit online today with this quote from the Anderson.

“This is actually an extremely well known actress.” says Deborah coyly. “It was her idea to sit in the shower as long as she was anonymous. I removed a tattoo so as not to give the secret away but she does appear somewhere else in the book with clothes on”

Internet nerds on picture forums believe this to be Hayden Panettiere. I don’t know. Nor do I really care. Just keep in mind that if this pose is a car in a garage on a hydraulic lift, my face would be the mechanic. Yeah, so there’s that.

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