Kill Russell Brand Links

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Russell Brand has to die [The Superficial]
Salma Hayek really needs to model our t-shirts [Popoholic]
Miranda Kerr upskirt [TaxiDriver Movie]
Forbes’ Top(less) 2010 Celebrity 100 Power List (you’ll want to see this) [COED Magazine]
Britney Spears might be abusing her kids. [Celebslam]
Leighton Meester vs. Jessica Alba. Really? [Egotastic]
Carolina “Pampita” Ardohain. My…God. [Heyman Hustle]
Christina Hendricks loves gaining weight [Cele|bitchy]
Paris Hilton packs light [Popeater]
Unfamous white guys are taking all the famous black chicks [Allie Is Wired]

NOTE: I just straight up asked for pics of your tits today, but my boy over at The Superficial is more of a gentleman and is looking for a new banner girl (you can enter here). He isn’t gay or anything, he just likes to look at women’s faces. I do to, but I just take their imprint off my pillow.

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