Vikki Blows Links

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Jenna Jameson is rushed to the hospital. In front of paparazzi. For a tummy ache [Popeater]
Bar and Miranda at the beach [Popoholic]
Helena Christensen naked for Reebok [Egotastic]
Christina Aguilera cameltoe [TaxiDriver Movie]
Hardest working bras on the planet [COED Magazine]
In Justin Bieber‘s defense, Germany isn’t in America [College Humor]
Jennifer Aniston is insecure [Celebslam]
Coco’s ass is a bar [Cityrag]
2nd hottest Jewish girl ever [Heyman Hustle]
James Franco might be gay [Cele|bitchy]
A ginger wants to be the hottest college girl, fails [The Chive]
Cheryl Cole is hot [Celebtoast]

The Vikki Blows to post ratio has been sorely lacking lately, so I thought I’d fix that. You’re welcome.

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