No Thanks

She’s a dumb wigger with the mental capacity of car keys, but you’re a fag if you say Kendra Wilkinson didn’t have the sickest body on Girls Next Door. So imagine cheers heard around the world when the news broke that she had a sex tape that she made when she was 18. Now we have pics of her vagina. My tongue has shaken hands with lots of vaginas, but if I saw this one walking down the street I’d do that thing where you nod your head then turn and pretend you didn’t see it. I’m not saying she has the ugliest vagina I ever seen, but instead of suing Vivid, maybe she should file a police report on whoever punched her between the legs. They might have also used an ax. Somebody should look into that.

NOTE: I don’t know if “sex tape” or “vagina” clued you in, put these pics are very, very NSFW. Trust me, if you open these at work they are legally allowed to stone you then behead you in the breakroom.

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