Sandra Bullock Is Gone

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As expected, Sandra Bullock said peace bitch. People reports:

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James are not living under the same roof right now. The actress left the Southern California house she shares with James just days before a report of infidelity by her husband surfaced, a source tells PEOPLE. Bullock, 45, left on Monday, the source says. Bullock, who won her first Oscar – a Best Actress award – for The Blind Side on March 7, also abruptly canceled a trip to Europe for the London premiere of the film.


I know this is usually the time I make fun of somebody, but damn. Did you see Bullock's Oscar speech? If Jesse James doesn't hang himself, he should at least go shopping for guillotines. They're pretty painless I hear.

Note: The banner pic is Michelle Bombshell, the tattoo fetish model that Jesse James was banging. Seriously.  You know, if you're into that sorta thing. You fuckin weirdo.





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