It’s All Going According To Plan

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Shauna Sand is no longer fighting the release of her sex tape that Vivid Entertainment shot professionally with her consent found and has officially signed off on it's distribution. TMZ reports:

Steven Hirsh, the co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment, brought in a handwriting expert to prove Shauna had in fact signed off on the tape — and after meeting with her on Thursday, he says she's withdrawn the cease and desist letter her lawyer sent Vivid earlier this month. Hirsh says Shauna's reason for withdrawing the letter was because a lawsuit could prove "long and expensive." Riiiiiiiight.


Yeah, that's what it was. She didn't want to get tied down with all those legal fees for the non-existent lawsuit that she was going to file. I know she probably thinks she's gonna need a dragon's cave to keep all the money she's gonna make from all this, but keep in mind, she used to look like this (NSFW), now she looks like something Grendel attacked. She might want to invest in a time machine and make another tape, because I'm not gonna lie, I'd rather jack off to a stack of firewood.


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