Britney Is Frugal

Exactly 11 months after a judge ruled that Britney Spears was too much of a retard at life to carry on anymore (then said the same thing six months later), because she was a raving lunatic who didn’t want her kids and made life decisions like a five-year old, TMZ got their hands on Britney’s American Express charges during that time.

Miss Brit spent a grand total of $5,183.13 at restaurants. Our Britney people tell us the figure is relatively low — for her — because daddy Jamie is a cook and did his thing at her house most nights.

As for other expenses on the AmEx card:

Entertainment: $482.15
Furniture: $17,370.29
Charities: $974.75 (remember, this is just her credit card — we’re told more was donated).
Merchandise, clothing, supplies and groceries: $62,252.11
Transportation/Auto: $18,959.82
Travel: $10,096.53
Communications: $2,150.41

This actually seems pretty tame, because $5,183.13 is probably less than my bar tab since June, but I’m not sure about the $62, 252.11 in clothing, though. I don’t know, I can’t seem to shake the feeling that the swap meet might be taking advantage of Britney.

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